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Platinum Silicone White Super 7in

21A3filmisL. SL160  Sex Toys

  • Realistic Small & Standard

Doc Johnson, Adults leading USA manufacturer, is very proud to present Platinum, our new premium silicone line. Never has anything been as highly anticipated as this gorgeous line of silicone toys. Platinum silicone is hypo-allergenic, simple-to-clean (dishwasher safe), platinum based and 100% phthalate-emancipated. Its firm yet flexible, durable, non-porous, odor-emancipated and has an incredible life-like feel. Our most well loved shapes ensure that these items will be guaranteed sellers. Platinums packaging is simple to market to even the most discriminating buyer. Will it be our Ballsy Super Cocks, our Original Dong, our Butt Plugs, or will it be the Anal Tool? All of them are gorgeous and all of them are made in the USA and available to you, in Platinum!

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